Tuesday, December 10, 2013

pastel polka vs floral

iTs been a long time since I post here, I'm just a busy dreamer by doing nothing ha-ha just kidding, Anywaysthis past few weeks, I have on the mood by dressing up, matching some of my stuff on my cabinet, but I can say it that it is too simple, not like others that I could say fashionable from head to toe, I'm not like that anyway. I probably in love with simple this that you can see on me, I'm just a simple dreamer that has own style when it comes to fashion, I want myself to look like a simpleand felt comfortableI always wore shorts and different tops, and some simple accessories that I would feel comfortable.

  • I enjoy myself by wearing simply, plainly makes me comfortable. But if you've noticed all of my outfit posts are wore more on shorts. Proven that I really do love shorts as simple as that.

  • I am so much obsession of Florals, I am not much garlic as you have guessed, I just love Florals, just like what I wore here, a lovely floral from just G.

I really in love with my bag from , it is cute and easy to carry on

Oh my oh my!! Say hello to my floral pastel pair of shoes from premadonna. Favorite shoes ever, very comfy to wear on.

  • Floral Cappy baby, I always wore a crown on my head when going out instead of an umbrella, comfortable to wear, easy to match out with my daily outfit, a lovely cutie floral cap from JELLYBEANS

This whistle necklace of mine from AVON, I love itbecause I can use it when it times of trouble, that make sounds to call help. Very cute and very useful

WHAT I WORE: top from :FOREVER21
floral short from: JUST G
bag from: SECOSANA
cap from: JELLYBEANS
floral shoes: PREMADONNA

  • Hope you enjoy reader sorry for my 99% grammatical errors, I am not proficient in English, but I always tried myself to express more.Meehee TillNextime lovely bloggers :))

Sunday, October 13, 2013

starting today, I will post here something what happened to me in almost one week, or known as “weekly update” 

MACAROONS EVERYWHERE: My love always brought me macaroons wen-every he goes, he ends up and come home with a box of macaroons for me,well he really knows what I want eternally. 

DEFAULT PHOTO: And finally got a chance to change my timeline photo on Facebook, an I thought this pic of mine looks like I am a lesbian ha-ha! 

PURCHASED: Had my new flat shoes from cheap online shop, I love the printed one, and the good quality, even if it’s not fitting perfectly for me but I can take it.

Any way from the word itself, SMOOTH, or flabby, soft, etc. or in other words “HAPPY” something like that, and it really means a lot to me, a week without acrid goings-on, it’s just only turns to a happy and fun weekly! 

Ok guys that’s only for today it’s already 2:49 in the morning and I’m still in the mood, well thanks, I do not have class later so PARTY PARTY lol. 


Friday, October 11, 2013


say hello to my one  hands on my pocket, say Good bye to my second hand out of the head. and hey! that's the real me anyway.  wearing simple clothes as always, just to make me feel more comfortable, so if you have guys noticed of all my outfit posts i mostly wore shorts w/d matching different mint or soft color of tops. that's , well that's a normal for me, im totally like that even years till now.

i'm not that type of boyish on who's the others thought me, just like what I've said, i only  wore clothes that diffidently make me comfortable as much,  i couldn't care less self- conscious around others and more comfortable with myself, there's only a strangers behind my back anyway!. all of us got a differently type of style when it comes to fashion. so stop and look at the people around you who seem perfect comfortable with others. then try to notice of yourself. 

fashion means a lot to me, by expressing myself for being comfortable and trendy at the same time, and therefore it should be always based on what my emotion feel, sometimes i feel like i'm playing with a mysterious one that keep on  running out of head. that's the real reason why i can wear what i want to wear. because "fashion is what we buy. style is what we do with it" so we have no right to judge people based on  their clothes on! because it's only help you to express but not a reflection of every one's expectation of what should be expressed. 


swagger jacket-  from bench
stamp flag tshirt-  from fmcc
brown mic cap- from fmcc
denim short- from candies
zebra print kicks- from VANS ph.

Monday, October 7, 2013

girl next door:::

"The beauty of a person is being who they are. Nobody else. Beauty is what you make of it. If you make it the celebrities and models then your a fool in my opinion. Beauty is achieved when you realise you already were to being with."

anyway, these photos were taken last Friday. me and boyf went out and searching private resort for a b-day celebration. while fixing out myself, i suddenly had a mood to played my closet, yah right, it is not my exactly outfit that i wore at that time, im just playing, then i requested my boyf to toke photos on me, and that's it. . i love my outfit here i look more eeeeee... hahaha!

what i wore:
my orange and white stripe tops from FOREVER21, i loved to wore it, its so confy, and comfortsble 
my blue & white stripes also from FOREVER21, very easy and comfy  to wear.
cutie handy bag, from baggets
spike yellow flats from artwork.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

agains the light!

Seriously this is my ever first outfit here, have nothing enough time to update here everyday because of my other blogs, but i kinda want to visit everyday for those blogs that i own! and i hope it is not yet the end or the last that i would post more on mu outfit, so sit back and relax meehee just kidding! Anyway i love and i like my featured here im looked like to sexy even if not haha!  

i love this blazer from JUST G when i first meet it, i want to wear it evey single time i can't because it's look like "engot" or overfavorite blaze haha! And hey did you guys notice my "Fc"? flat c____ haha if you did not oh well thank you :)

what i wore? 
Blazer: JUST G
blacksleeveless: VON DUTCH 
short: HUMAN
sneaker: VANS  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

run and walk with me::

The best gift for those who judge you is your shoes. Let them walk in them, so they know and understand.

Friday, August 16, 2013

What matters most is how you see yourself:::

"The is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty"